the only way out

while Elsie may have whispered those words this ideas does not come from from RENT, although one would imagine that was my inspiration, it is however something that came to mind after reading a recent post on the Idealist Blog. the Idealist Blog was reporting on a new venture called OnlyUp. launched in January OnlyUP has a target audience of young nonprofit employees.

As a bimonthly online journal about issues facing young nonprofit employees. OnlyUp thinks “now is an important time to engage the nonprofit sector in a conversation about the future of social change leadership” noting that the founders hope “this dialogue will lead to a stronger and more vibrant sector”.

the idea of only going up from here is a poignant one as we consider the state of nonprofit work in this age. with limited funds and an expanded field of nonprofits many organizations are finding it hard to stay up above the clouds. hopefully tapping the younger generation of nonprofit employees will inspire the generations to find creative ways to get up, keep up, and stay up above the clouds.

so while you log in and read up on what’s going on with OnlyUp why not listen to “The Only Way Out Is Up” album by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet…or you can listen to RENT…either way know: the only way out is up.