I have a hard time reading articles that seem to berate people for being single. There is nothing wrong with being single and if we continue to tell people otherwise we will continue to foster a group of people who have a low self-worth.

I read a piece by David Artavia entitled “You’re Awesome, But Here’s Why You’re Still Single“.

I think this article is crap. The headline is set in such a way that anyone who reads it would think that being single is bad and this article is going to tell you how to stop doing all the bad things in your life that are keeping you single.

Then he goes on to list things that are not bad examples of self. Things like having too many friends, a big personality, self-understanding, your career always comes first–and others. Why can’t someone find another person who compliments or appreciates those things…not someone who wants you to change them?

The only thing he may have some notion about that may support his flimsy argument is the idea behind intimacy. Intimacy is something that grows and develops from time and understanding. Notions of intimacy, in a sustaining relationship, come into play past the honeymoon phase. And it is greater than just sex…its about your daily interplay of life with another person.

Being single is just fine. And being in a relationship is a lot more work because of the way one has to compromise and not think of self first…but as a parallel to a partner.

Articles like these always set me off…oy!

Oh, only two days earlier Artavia wrote a piece entitled “Why Gay Guys Should Stop Obsessing Over Love & Marriage“.

So which is it? Stay single and figure you out or hurry up and fix yourself so you can find your husband?

(I do note that Artvaia says he writes 90% of the content for GayGuys.com and manages several different pseudonyms, but he has to keep them straight if that IS what is happening here–although I doubt it.)