so, i was reading…not that i read the site on a regular basis…but something came across my search page that made me venture to and then stumble upon yoga. about a week or two ago i experienced yoga for the first time, first-hand. there i was in the wilds of wilmington, de and doing yoga in a group of women (all older than myself and one was even pregnant) who had done this class before and worked with this particular instructor–needless to say i was vastly intimidated. ok, so let’s us return to for a moment. had a story on “the yoga pose of the week”. heralds the sleeping vishnu as the pose for the week of october 4, 2009. while i am a novice to yoga i can tell you the sleeping vishnu seems much more complicated than one may imagine at first glass (or by title imply).

ok, so back to wilmington, de…the class lasted roughly 90 mins (or what seemed like 90 mins) and i must say every moment of the class pushed me to a new level. in my mind i awaited the closing/parting word: namaste. oh yes i did the Ardha Chandrasana (half moon pose), the easier Tadasana (mountain pose), and even the Supta Baddha Konasana (reclinging bound angle pose)…and for a first timer i must say i was given a great deal of kudos from the instructor (who created an eerie sense of Mr. Rogers).

in the end i must say that my first venture in to the realm of peace and life center was a fun one…one i am glad i shared with several women (and most notably the pregnant one).