On January 4 of this year I was asking: Who is Scott Thompson? The simple answer at the time was Yahoo! Inc’s new CEO…well it seems only 4 months later Thompson’s is Yahoo! Inc’s former CEO.

Thompson is out after it was found he fluffed his resume with an embellished college degree. On Sunday Yahoo! confirmed Thompson “has left the company” in a statement posted late Sunday afternoon, after two news reports announced the same.

Yahoo!’s media chief Ross Levinsohn has been named interim CEO, the company said. Levinsohn had earlier been rumored as a successor to Carol Bartz, who was fired from Yahoo! in September of 2011.

Well, it seems Thompson was not Yahoo!’s saving grace as I asked in January. Or he could be if you call this shift to Levinshon the move that should have happened several months ago and the firing of Thompson has saved Yahoo! after all–so meta! Might the Board members at Yahoo! return to the original short list?