Not being born American I do not take “it” for granted. I have faith in this country’s principles and that is why I have decided to become a United States citizen. I have faith in the principals of Judaism and that is why I decided to align my beliefs with that religion. If you had to pick your country and you would not pick America then maybe you need to reconsider your faith.

Taking a step back I realize that natural Americans, those born here, sometimes are unable to see that they still have a choice to be here, no one is forcing them to stay in America. So many people leave their own home countries and decide to claim America as their new home because they have faith and believe in this country’s guiding principles.

I have faith in this nation.

I have faith that as a nation, by turning back to our guiding principles, we can empower ourselves. I do not trust that as a people we can enact correct action without the influence of others.

I am guilty of that. I am guilty because my action to become an American citizen was inspired by Hillary Clinton running for president. I am inspired by her like others are inspired by Barack Obama, and this is ok. I am inspired by Hillary Clinton because she doesn’t say what she thinks I want to hear, she says what I “need” to hear. She points to what is broken and she tries to fix it. I don’t want to be placated; I am old enough to get my feelings hurt, so go ahead. At the end of the day I don’t have to like you, but I do have to trust you as my President, as my elected official, as my Commander-in-Chief.

My faith is not in Hillary Clinton its in America and my God.

My trust, however, is in Hillary Clinton. I trust Hillary Clinton to do what is right for this country. And its ok if you disagree, because that is the beauty of this country, you have the right to disagree.

I am glad that natural born Americans are inspired by Barack Obama. I am glad to see that they can be inspired. Inspiration is good.

Let’s not become complacent again.

Hopefully, soon to be American citizen,

–Densil P.