Who is Simon Halls?

Earlier this year when Matt Bomer publicly denoted that he is gay his long time partner Simon Halls was thrust in the spotlight. Halls, age 48, and Bomer, age 35, have three young sons together–Kit and twins Henry and Walker.

Simon Halls

Halls, Bomer, and sons.

You can’t find much on the internet about Simon because he is a deeply private person–I mean one can’t be more famous as a publicist than your list of 38 (or so) clients–right? Halls was a long time member of the team at PMK/HBH, formerly PMK, a Los Angeles based celebrity public relations company. Halls joined PMK as co-CEO taking over from the founder and former CEO; Halls departed PMK/HBH in 2010.

Simon Halls

Simon Halls

Simon Halls joined startup PR firm Slate soon after his departure from PMK/HBH. Halls was part of the instant exodus that took place December 9, 2010, when news broke that the once celeb-heavy PMK/HBH was merging with corporate client-focused BNC–the firm is now PMK*BNC.

Halls heads up Slate with Stephen Huvane, also formerly of PMK/HBH. Halls and Huvane were recently named the top publicists in the industry.

Where is Halls from? I don’t know. Where did he go to school? Oh that may be USC. But what I do know is that he is deeply private!!!

So, who are you Simon Halls? We are all waiting…

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