I was sitting around the apartment, having a lazy day, as I tried to recuperate from events the evening before. While watching the flicker box a commercial came on and it featured Shannen Doherty. You know Shannen Doherty of Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed. Well, I found myself wondering if her career has really sunk that low that she was doing these cheesy education commercials for Education Connection. How does one find any thing these days…we turn to Google.

Today I found out that Doherty, age 41, has been married 3 times–technically 4 times but her seven-month marriage to Rick Salomon was annulled in 2003. Talk about making a mockery of the institution that is supposed to be marriage.

At 5′ 3″ Shannen can say that her body of work is not reflective of her stature. To her credit she can claim to be an actress, director, producer and author. Ms. Doherty has no plans, any time soon that is, of adding mother to that list of accomplishments.

Early this year her new reality show set around her recent 2011 marriage was aired on WE tv.

Oh and the gap in her teeth…yeah that has come with age.