Politics are boring me, the state of the World is depressing me and Oprah isn’t on so I decided to Google!

I haven’t done a “Who Did you Google Today” since December and well I guess a sick day at home is better than any other day to see what’s what.

How am I inspired to find people for WDyGT? Well, I have a list of names which I have complied as I run across them in my daily internet happenings and later on I find myself wanting to explore more about those names…well I have been wanting to write about David Geffen, but something has come up and I’ll be writing about someone tied to Mr. Geffen.

This piece in the WDyGT series will focus not on an actor, musician, or even politician…this series will focus on not one person but two! These people are not really important…but they are noteworthy through association. So, this week I Googled: Nick Gruber and Jeremy Lingvall.

Don’t know Gruber or Lingvall? Well, don’t worry most folks wont know either gentleman as well–enter Perez Hilton.

David Geffen, age 69, met Jeremy Lingvall, age 27, in 2006, the same year Lingvall graduated from college, and the pair have been together ever since–well, until earlier this year. Over the years Lingvall’s gotten to meet people like Barack Obama and Arianna Huffington and partied on Geffen’s yacht–yes, the really big one.

Nick Gruber is Calvin Klein‘s male model, recently on again off again, beau! Yes, the 21 year old model has been long timed linked with the legendary, 67 year old, designer. Well, whether together or not the only way Gruber will be remembered is as Klein’s boy toy (oh well maybe from that one photo…oh and that one adult film…oh and that…)–because these days Gruber isn’t living up to the model standard.

You wonder if these two young men may ever link up and then the answer seems clearly apparent: who’s callin’ who Pa!