Who did you Google today: Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz

Ok so I admit to Googling myself on a daily basis–well generally not on the weekends, but for sure Monday through Friday. Well, now I think I will try to Google some one new every day…so, be on the look out as I ask for name suggestions.

Today I Googled Kellan Lutz. Who is Kellan Lutz you ask? Well duh that is why I Googled him. I came to find out that he has been an actor in Twilight Saga films–yeah I confuse to not being on that Twilight bandwagon. As Emmett Cullen viewers have seen Lutz mature and grow into his vampire role.

But a quick search on IMDb lets you know of his less sexy roles. Lutz played the character Critter in a 2005 episode of the HBO series Six Feet Under and he also played Andy in an episode of HEROES in 2007. OK, so even after all that Google and IMDb action I still have no clue about Kellan Lutz.

There were rumors that he is gay–he is not. But if I have ever seen a straight man accessorize with a man bag it is him!

Lutz's man-bag

Who ever Kellan Lutz may be I look forward to the next film in the Twilight Saga series where Kellan says the actors are more grown up and ready to show more skin.

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