I was watching Parenthood this evening and while the show was as great as I always beleieve it to be…what I was really struck by was the closing song. Now if you are like me when you hear a song you really like and you are close enough to a computer you may type the lyrics into the search bar to see what comes up. This evening I discovered “A Case of You” first sung by Joni Mitchell as I did my internet search.

James Blake

I, of course knew, this raspy voice was no Joni Mitchell. After some additional internet searching I discovered 29 year old sing-songwriter James Blake was the singer of the closing song on last night’s Parenthood. Blake released his debut album in January of 2011 and I think we will see a steady rise for this new star.

This young man’s haunting voice seems to emanate from the depths of Enya with the reverberations seemingly bouncing up from Aaron Neville. Click here to listen to Blake on Spotify singing “A Case of You” and watch below to find an original song performed by the artist: