Who Did you Google Today: Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey

Now in my third installment of the “Who Did you Google Today” series* and I have explored an actor, a musician and now a techie: Jack Dorsey.

Now some of you may be thinking how can I pretend to know anything about technology and not know of Jack Dorsey. Well, my simple answer to your quandary is that Dorsey was really irrelevant until his prodigal son like return to Twitter earlier this year. And although Jack was CEO/Co-Founder of Twitter until 2008 it can be said that he lead the company through the quiet times…before the tech world really stood up and took notice.

Maybe his departure from Twitter was a good thing because in the short time he was away Dorsey was successfully working on launching Square. And now as CEO/Co-Founder of Square and Chairman/Co-Founder of Twitter Dorsey is back on the scene and in the lime light as a keen businessman and tech entrepreneur.

He works long hours at both companies and it pays off as he is currently estimated at a net worth of over $300 million. Well, happy birthday @jack on November 19th and welcome to 35!

Dorsey (L.) at Town Hall with US President Obama

*Ok, ok maybe it is not really a series as it is more a random occurrence when I run across someone I really didn’t know much about before!

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