This will be number four in the “Who Did you Google Today” series. In the series I have explored an actor, a musician and a techie…where do I go from there? This week I Googled Frankie Grande.

I stumbled across Frankie after watching a video of his younger sister Ariana Grande mimicking some great performers:

Anyway I saw a video where Ariana was dancing with her brother and one thing lead to another and there I was searching for Frankie. I was surprised to find out that while Ariana is a budding artist it was Frankie who may have paved the way for his younger sister.

Frankie is more Broadway than Hollywood. And at his young age he has produced several Broadway plays, fancies himself a philanthropist and isn’t too bad a dancer.

Frankie James Grande

So go, explore, find out about Frankie Grande (Twitter and YouTube)…really find out about Ariana Grande…they are kinda awesome…together.