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well, for one of the deputy social secretary roles anyway and if that doesn’t cut it i will settle for the assistant social secretary position. ok i wont say i am at a place where i can be the soc. sec. and really do i want that job? i mean isn’t the first assistant always the one who gets in trouble? remember Devil Wears Prada (duh, of course you do).

the White House is on the search for its 3rd social secretary in just as many years with the departure of Julianna Smoot. while you may not believe it the White House Social Secretary is a central player in every administration. every party, every dinner, every coffee date rest on the shoulders of the soc. sec.

the current names on the short list of replacements are trending towards the two deputy social secretaries: Ebs Burnough & Joe Reinstein — Smoot’s top deputies and Carlos Elizondo — Vice President Biden’s social secretary. while all are surely talented in their own right it will be interesting to see if the White House is ready for a man to step in to a position that has been female focused for so many years. and of the tops names two of them are openly gay: Burnough & Elizondo.

According to the NY Times it could be one of these guys?

so here is me throwing my hat in the ring to be social secretary for the White House…what do you think–Densil Porteous White House Social Secretary?