My life has never traveled along a single road–I suppose I still don’t know the reminder of the road my life will travel and this may not be the final road. But what I believe to be true is that every road I have traveled has had one purpose: to lead me home.

The weight behind the notion of home is so heavy that it is hard to unpack without taking breaks and allowing yourself days of discovery in that which you’ve unpacked. The basic essence of home is, simply: the space to which your heart is drawn.

This space could be a person, place, or thing–real or imagined.

I was born in Jamaica, West Indies.
I spent my adolescence around Brooklyn, Queens, and the “edge” of Long Island.
I finished high school in the greater Atlanta area.
I went to college in Gambier (yes, Ohio).
I spread my wings in Columbus.
I landed in Palo Alto.
I cut the thread in San Francisco.
I found my home in Columbus.

In this place I launched myself out into the world. It was in this place that I developed great friendships; which have evolved into new definitions of family. It was here that I chose to return to buy my first house and today I am proud to call it a home. It is here that my roots will grow strong, my future will become interwind as deep as my past, and we, the city and I, will be better for it.

Ohio…Columbus…Columbus, Ohio is my home–the place to which my heart has always been drawn.