The legacy I leave matters to me.

I routinely find I ask myself “what’s next?”

What is the next thing out there for me to engage and try to make a difference? Will that difference be impacting enough that somehow others will be inspired to enact positive change and make a difference in the lives of others? How big is that thing with which I must engage? Is it as simple as volunteering time with a non-profit organization helping to motivate young people off of the streets? Will my legacy require that I start a foundation to support the ideas and passions of others who are disenfranchised? Will I be remembered for the words I share as I stand in front of an audience extolling the importance of action to enact change? I volunteer, I give money, I write, I educate, I share my own story and I still ask “what’s next?”

The feeling of inadequate giving of support to others seems to dangle above me like a cloud waiting to release the raindrops hiding among its folds.

Oprah. Buffet. Gates.

The legacy I leave matters to me.

King. Booker. Newsom.

The legacy I leave matters to me.

I may not have the opportunity to give at the highest monetary levels. My gift may not come as a figure in the form of large political and societal changes. Maybe my legacy will come after I leave, in the memory of me and my actions.

The legacy I leave matters.