The year end lists have been pouring out since the start of November. The best clubs of 2011, the best new looks of 2011, the host tech firms of 2011…

Well if you were given the time and resources what list would you create as a flashback for 2011?

Here are some ideas from the folks at Gawker.

  • The Year Reality Stars Committed Suicide: Armstrong, Durden. (Too depressing.)
  • The Year Reality Stars Destroyed Marriage: Hefner, Kardashian. (Too tiresome.)
  • The Year We Sent Conflicting Messages About Statutory Rape: Sandusky, Stodden. (Too icky.)
  • The Year Women Got Shot in the Head and Survived: Salander, Giffords. (Half of this list is fiction.)
  • The Year the Revolution Was Tweeted: Egypt, Occupy. (Too New York Times-y.)
  • More here…