you were walking down the street on your way to somewhere. you seemed to emote a self-confidence that no one else on the street had or would ever achieve. your headphones were on, but i am sure the music coming from your iPod wasnt really the music motivating your movement or playing in your head. when you passed me you smiled and in an instant created a stir in my soul–maybe it was just butterflies in my stomach, either way your smile caused me to stop for a moment and take notice of the world. i can only imagine you are close to my age…i can only imagine you are motivated to have a happy life, a fulfilling life…likely outgoing…dedicated to making people happy…maybe even gifted in the art of honesty.

well just in case you saw me too…i was the guy thinking about his future, the guy wondering about the moment when love would find him, the guy with the good job and lasting career, the guy who loves with all his heart and gives more of himself than one would imagine to possibly be true. oh, physically i was the guy with the eyes that seemed to sparkle, the smile that could light up the darkest of your days, i guess average height, brown skin, and self-confidence that could rival your own.

so maybe you missed me walking down the street because you believe finding the one comes when you least expect. maybe you missed me because the person i am on the inside isnt the person you can see on the outside…but maybe now you can align my inside self and the one outside.