i could recall being sick as a child and all i wanted was something warm–even in the summer–and it was even better if it were creamy…now i realize savory/savoury was what i really meant by creamy. well today was one of those days where all i wanted was something warm and savory. boy was i lucky that my good friend was having the same kind of feeling.

it was nice to wake up to the sun streaming through the open bedroom door; i could vaguely recall the b/f leaving for work in the am and i was glad to have not been disturbed by the dog who may have wanted a walk. i finally left my apartment around 3:30pm first to drive and pick-up my friend so we could visit the boy shopping store (aka pacific heights whole foods) after we took fish food to our favorite sf lesbian–yes, she really does own pet fish.

our trip to whole foods was rather uneventful, but i do think it was entertaining to watch how people reacted the “gay, mixed couple, who were shockingly not very gay looking”. the seafood guy was rather charming, the produce man couldnt stop staring, and the check-out dude was kinda chatty…quick trip over it was off to enjoy warm and creamy.

i have to say i enjoy spending time with my friend…we chat about the most mundane things at times and its great! there is not pretense, not false sense of what we are, when we are alone (and sometimes with others) we call it like we see it and it let things happen as they may. i sat in the living doing some work as he prepared the dungeness crab mac & cheese!mac and cheese

the food was gonna be a great way to spend my saturday…my slow and easy saturday. while we ate we watched The Dark Knight and chatted…well, until i fell into a wonderful food coma–it could have also been because i didnt go to bed on Friday night until 5:30am saturday morning.

i think all that was missing from my warm and creamy flashback saturday was my mother there to stroke my head or rub my back. tonite i will curl up and hold the b/f…maybe that will be ok too.