On the 1st I started the year with a post about my friend’s Facebook status that went viral…well it seems the status has taken on a life of its very own.

A request from the Huffignton Post to share his full tale in his own blog post quickly made it to the number 1 trending story on HuffPo. That trending story turned into an on air, over the web, interview:

The video story gained the attention of more folks and prompted George Takei, director/actor, now well known for his whitty Facebook status messages and creative memes to share the blog link on his Facebook page–Takei has well over 3 million Facebook followers.
George Takei

This story of being yourself and speaking up, and out, for what is right is creating enough of a national buzz that it lends to the question: what took so long for folks to stand up and take notice, on a national scale, of these issues before?

In a new interview on HuffPost Live, my friend said he was amazed when the crowd of perfect strangers stood up against the irate customer.

“I was just amazed that these people we had never met before…just stood up and they weren’t even mean about it, they let him know that it wasn’t all right what he was saying, what he was doing,” said Ethan White–my friend who was there with Joel. “To be able to be part of that was a little bit life-changing.”

Joel Diaz: The Incredible Story of What Happened When Two Gay Men Were Harassed While Waiting for Pizza

Is this a sign of the changing times?