I love you Densil
Current mood: sad

I lost my best friend today. He moved to San Fransico and even though I’m extremely happy for him and his new job a part of me is very very selfish. I couldn’t bring myself to go to any of his going away functions for several reasons. That was very weird for me and in retrospect I kinda regret it but I don’t think I would have been able to handle it for numerous reasons. Densil is the kind of guy that lights up a room. He has a beautiful smile and even when I was at my worst there was always some inside joke that we would share that would make me laugh. Densil is the only friend I tell everything to and he was the only friend I knew I could call night or day and he would pick up his phone. I’m afraid I hurt my friend his last couple of weeks here. It wasn’t intentional but I had a lot of emotions to sort though. I’ve cried over it the past 3 nights and in the shower today. The last week Densil was here my feelings for him started to change. I’m not sure exactly what happend but I started to panic that he was leaving. The date I thought would never come was nearing very quickly. Although I knew he would probably be leaving for the last 6 months I never thought it would actually happen. But it was happening and it was happening fast and there was nothing I could do to stop it. So all it took was 2 years, a jealous boyfriend, a cheeseburger at Applebeas and him moving 3000 miles away for me to realize that I’m in love with him… I don’t want to marry him and I’m not even sure I would want to date him if he were staying but I’m definetly in love with him. Good Luck in S.F. my friend. Trust me I will be picking up plenty of high school seniors and promising them a Stanford education that I will need you to help me out on. So if any applications come across your desk with my “seal of approval” you know you have to let them in 😉

Trix are for kids!
-Denny Crane