Yesterday the internet was all a buzz because there were some big shake-ups in the tech industry. Is the tech industry taking a lead from the government or is the government taking a lead from the tech industry? Whoever is following whom art and life are intrinsically connected…here are some of the big tech shake-ups reveled on 1/20/11.

Cook doing his Jobs

Will Cook work with Apple’s:
Overall plan that is? It was announced that Apple’s COO Tim Cook would lead the company over the coming months as Steve Jobs takes his third leave of absence in recent years. Cook is not new to this leadership role as he has done so the last time Jobs needed a little respite from the top executive position. The question on everyone’s mind is Cook here to stay and will he work with the overall vision the Apple Board of Directors may have for the company…[more]

HP (re)Invent

Shakedown leads to shakeup at HP:
Former leader of HP, Mark Hurd, stepped down amid sexual harassment and personal misconduct charges. It seems Hurd’s departure was just the beginning of a big shakeup at HP as they announced the departure of four vested directors and the welcoming of five new members—among them Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay. Let’s hope all the shaking doesn’t leave HP a broken tech relic…[more]

Page, Schdmit, Brin

It’s time for Page to play:
Google announced the company’s first CEO, Eric Schmidt, would step aside as co-founder Larry Page steps up to lead the largest internet search company (and more) in the world—well, at least I think they are! Schmidt was brought in the lead the company 10 years ago when the Board of Directors believed Page and Sergey Brin, other co-founder, were too young to be the leaders of the company. I guess good things come with age…but something tells me Brin and Page were just fine not being the top executive at the company and still making the money. Page is not as media savy as Schmidt and maybe that’s a good thing since Schmidt seemed to make some missteps in recent times…[more]

And that’s your tech buzz from me…not that I know much at all! As they say “if you don’t know, now you know”.