mobile-world-congress-2013The 2013 Mobile World Congress kicked off on February 25 and it seems to have started off with a bang. Early reports from the event held in Barcelona, Spain seem to trend toward larger screened mobile devices, pushing the Android operating system to new levels and questions about what’s next after retina displays.

According to the global technology research company Gartner 2012 saw a total of 1.75 billion mobile phones sold. Smartphone sales rose to a record 207.7 million in the fourth quarter of 2012, 38 percent more than in the same period in 2011.

With a continued growth period the smartphone industry isn’t hurting for interests, but maybe the market is slow with new ideas? Well there is still lots to watch for as competition is ripe across platforms and companies. But what are some of the hot trends in mobile technology right now? put together a slideshow highlighting some of the hottest mobile trends in the market now that may be appearing during the Mobile World Congress.

    1) Wearable Gadgets: From Google’s Goggles to a possible Apple iWatch.
    2) 5-Inch Hi-Definition Screens: Is bigger really better, are they not just mini-tablets?
    3) Quad-Core Processors: Four means faster?
    4) 4G: Faster Internet while on the go? Clearly four means faster!

See full slideshow here: Hottest Mobile Trends.

What you shouldn’t expect to see at MWC is Apple. Seldom does Apple make an appearance at a mobile conference which they are not hosting–but you may see folks using their products.