6:00am the buzzer sounds and i fight to stay asleep. i know the moment i open my eyes the reality of loneliness will be there.
6:30am i am out of the shower now and you’re no where to be seen. no need for me to rush and wake you gently from your sleep.
7:00am the lock on the door clicks and i am on my way. i said bye to the dog, but she couldnt respond or really seem to care.
9:00am no mid-morning call just because it made the day seem to go faster. i could call the time lady, but wait she’s gone too.
12:00pm no meeting for lunch. its just as well i am not feeling very hungry today.
3:15pm and i think to myself what will i have for dinner. its ok, i suppose it will just be me no need to over do it.
5:00pm i reach for the phone wondering if i missed the call. i recall its not coming.
5:45pm and i’m home now. the dog greeted me at the door. i changed into my after work clothes and waited. i waited for what now seems like an eternity.
7:30pm food should be a consideration but i think yogurt and a snack bar may be just fine, but dont forget to feed the dog.
10:00pm and my eyes are getting heavy. no one there to say i’m going to bed and you should come too.
1:00am i find myself in bed. gripping my blanket i close my eyes and find im off to a world where nothing has changed.