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It’s been a minute since the last edition of Tickers, Tweets, and Texts! Life has been happening and as life happens my time to post is always diminished. Ok, so enough rambling on that topic…

Here’s what’s been a taking up internet bandwidth this week:

Syrian Thanksgiving1) Happy Thanksgiving for those in America, and the ex-pats living abroad, who elect to celebrate this National holiday. This year more than at any point in the past the holiday has been mired with socio-political discourse as it relates to the Syrian refugee situation and the blatant desire for outspoken Americans to not welcome them with open arms to the United States. As a country taken-over by refugees it seems that part of American history is being overlooked. Here is American President Barak Obama speaking on behalf of welcoming over 10,000 Syrian refugees to the country >>> click.

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner

2) While a lot of things have changed for Caitlyn Jenner over the last year, one thing surely has not changed–at the moment. Jenner still plans to vote Republican for the next Presidential hopefully in 2016. While she wanted to attend the last week’s Democratic debate in Iowa she was unable to get a ticket for the live forum. However, when asked post the debate how she planned on voting Jenner responded “They didn’t convince me.” With such important concerns as women and transgender rights on the table in the upcoming election it is a little surprising that Jenner’s social stance hasn’t shifted to align with a more liberal leaning association of political candidates.

3) Did you know that Justin Bieber released his fourth studio album, Purpose, on November 13? Yeah well you probably missed it because his waxing moon was overshadowed by Adele‘s third studio album, 25, released on November 20. While Bieber’s album does present a slightly more mature sound and message, it was Adele’s single release of HELLO that caught the public’s and her wonderful mix of “fuck you I am better off with out, but you still made a huge impact on my life and I am not really over it all…but I will be someday–I think” full album that set fire to the Internet. Sorry Justin, next time try to stay away from situations like this–just like you allude to in your songs you could have made better decisions.

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