It has been a little while since I’ve made a post to this stream of thoughts on “Tickers, Tweets, and Texts” and well I must get back to it!

So, here is what has been a buzz in recent days:

Meg Whitman, 56, the eBay billionaire who spent a fortune unsuccessfully trying to become the governor of California, has been engaging in her Act III. She has been chief executive of Hewlett-Packard for a little more than a year, and many people are still waiting for her to get her message out about the place. The reality is no one is sure that this act will be as successful as your time at eBay and may parallel her crash and burn run for governor of California—stay tuned…[more]

While I could care less about the issues with Apple and their iPhone mobile device I have to say that Apple consumers are crazy about their products (as I sit here using my MacBook). Now as a company I do enjoy watching the ups and downs of Apple–I’ve written about the company no less than thirteen times on my little blog. Well Apple’s most recent misstep with consumers came with the late September launch of their iPhone 5. It seems that while their loyal followers were quick to upgrade to the newest device they were shocked to see that Apple had ditched a key tool, Google Maps, from their list of applications. The rancor the move created could be noted as akin to Florida Supreme Court ruling in the Presidential Election of 2000–you can Internet search it, I wont write more about it. OK, so back to the Apple misstep… Well in a post-Jobs era at Apple it seems that CEO Tim Cook did the unexpected with a timely apology and a clear solution to the woes of many iPhone 5 users. What a great end to “Mapgate” for Apple…[more]

He’s only 31 years old, and already Joseph Gordon-Levitt has proven he can pretty much do everything. From action blockbusters and crowd-pleasing romantic comedies to quirky indies and small, searing dramas, he always makes interesting, eclectic choices and brings an authenticity and watchability to every role. The choices of on screen roles which Gordon-Levitt selects may be why his face isn’t everywhere in Hollywood and his name, while popular, isn’t an overused phrase like other young actors. In films like “Mysterious Skin” (2005) and “(500) Days of Summer” (2009) we are able to see Gordon-Levitt’s skill as an actor as he engages disperate roles with incredible agility. In his latest film set to premier this weekend he has transformed himself into a young Bruce Willis in the new time-travel action thriller “Looper.” It is 2044 and Gordon-Levitt must travel to the future to kill the older version of himself.