I’ve been lost in my own world…ok maybe it has been a world full of “work” and PRIDE. But in the brief moments when I have come up for air it has been interesting to see what’s been a buzz on the Internet.

  • Karen Klein, the 68-year-old school bus monitor from Greece, N.Y. , who was famously seen on video being mercilessly taunted and insulted by middle-schoolers.
  • In yet another change to its website that irked users, Facebook replaced the email address you picked to display on your profile page when you signed up for the online social network and changed it to an (at)facebook.com address.
  • The Supreme Court ruled largely in favor of the U.S. on Arizona’s immigration law, but it upheld the most controversial provision involving police checks on people’s immigration status.
  • News broke last week that NBC News was reportedly planning to replace Ann Curry on ‘Today.’ Curry ascended to the role of co-host last June after spending fourteen years as the show’s newsreader.