Today Motorola unvield the “World’s thinnest 4G smartphone” and its called the Droid RAZR. Thinner, faster and running on the Droid platform it is said to be the new smartphone.

Motorola RAZR

Well, I do like a thin phone, but my past experiences with Razor phones have not been so good. So thin that a drop of water blowing in the wind will fry it to shreds–or an ex-boyfriend spilling soda on it. So light that if you put it in your back pocket it will crack just at the threat of you sitting down on it. So is thinner really better?

I am excited about 4G and the Gingerbread platform…but the reality is Motorola isn’t holding much ground these days when it comes to phones. So let’s see how this one cuts–I am sure it has no Siri.