Ok so maybe I have a little obsession with the Winklevoss twins…oh wait no I am not obsessed with them…they just wont go away! Earlier this year I posted about each twin getting his own identity. Well, it seems they didn’t hear me or if they did they didn’t listen…yes, they are back!

This time you can see the Winklevoss Twins well decked out in matching attire–oh, wait that isn’t anything new. Well, their matching green ties are styled to compliment the green pistachio they are pushing …I guess that’s new. See the twins here:

Oh and let’s not ignore the low blow thrown at Mark Zuckerberg in the commercial. Well I hope Zuckerberg makes his own pistachio commercial–maybe with twin toddlers which he pacifies by giving pistachios and closing out by saying “That’s all you get”.