There are days when I experience this overwhelming want to do more. I am not sure what that means; no, I mean I guess I have some sense of what I mean by the idea…but I am unsure of how to do more. I witness the greatness of the smallest acts and I revel in the magnitude of the most profound acts—so where in their do I find my “more”.

There are so many facets of my personal story which inspire me to enact change for the greater good. Growing up in a single parent home, having lived—at times—in an impoverished situation, dealing with the death of a parent at an early age, being a “fatherless” child, losing a parent to HIV/AIDS, being a young African American male, being first in my family to go to college, being gay…wow the list, as they say, can really be on going.

I have found little ways to do more and yet I am still not satisfied. Donating my time educating youth about sex and sexuality, raising funds for HIV/AIDS causes, working to get more young people of color in college, focusing on first generation college bound students, raising awareness of the lack of equality for LGTB individuals—maybe I have done a lot. Yet, again, there is a desire for me to do more.

So, how do I do it? How do I do more!