I’ve been somewhat silent about the marriage ruling that is imminent. But today I find myself with a desire to say thank you to a person and an organization.

I want to say thank to Jim Obergefell for being the “face” and the name of something so much larger than an individual. I am honored to have come to know you and engage with your spirit. John was/is a lucky person to have someone who loves him so much that he would desire nothing less than full recognition under the law, but also in the eyes of each and every person on this Earth. While I am sure you have been shown a great amount of love and appreciation I am sure there have been those days when hate and anger have been presented to you. Jim know that you are loved beyond any worldly capacity to display love. Thank you for being you.

And to the Human Rights Campaign for the tireless effort of staff members and volunteers across the country. It is in these moments, on the national stage, when this organization has to dance the delicate dance of self publicity and that of representing a group of people. As an organization HRC realizes that we are stronger together and in this moment whether we “win” marriage equality or find ourselves fighting toward another day we know that we will all work together. I have been honored to sit on the national Board for this organization, I’m honored to volunteer my time, donate of my dollars, and to lend my name to the work that this organization helps move forward on our behalf. Thanks HRC for helping us fight.

This moment in our history is bigger than any one person or any one organization, but change and progress often calls for a unifying voice, and Jim and the HRC, whether one wants to acknowledge it, helped us coalesce.

And when we get marriage equality we must not forget that our fight is not over–we must continue to fight for full protections under the law for every LGBT individual. And even after we get full protections under the law we know that society takes time to socially move on. We must continue to work together for a more embracing future for all and we are truly stronger together.