I attened a conference at Yale last week… It was a group of engaged professionals getting together to get excited about our work and to learn from each other. After being in this industry for several years I learned two things from this conference:

1) I have some knowledge to share
2) People actually want to listen

When a young colleague from an institution which I admire for their ability to be out of the box thinkers asked me for my advice about how he should proceed with his carrer I found myself floored. I was honored that he would ask me for any advice and frankly I was astonished that I had any advice to share.

My advice was to give his job his very best and to speak with authority so that others will hear. You are not great at a thing becuase you say you are, you are great at a thing becuase someone says you are. How does someone know your are great? Becuase you do a thing to your very best and you share it with others.

So I say speak with authority…by this I mean know and do a thing well. And carry a big stick…by this I mean share the thing that you do well with others.