GOP Candidates

It seems this election is really about President Obama the person and not so much his politics…well, maybe. There is this field of Republican presidential hopefuls and they all seem to be floundering in the “Dichotomy Sea”.

What I mean by this is that these Republican candidates are all at a loss. Trying to out posture the other, trump a conservative card, or swing a leftist more left. What we are seeing is that no one candidate really has a firm grasp of a platform that truly sets the other apart from the rest of the hopefuls.

Supportive Republican pundits are trying to make us believe there is a field of riches within the candidates. That these candidates are all so great and in the end we will be glad to have any of them. I don’t know about you but I am not trading my no longer milk producing cow that may get me some money at market for a couple of “magic” beans that could turn out to be seeds with dead embryos inside.

So what’s the issue here Republicans? “A big part of the Republicans’ problem is having a “front-runner” who can’t seem to get out in front. Many voters feel as if the choice has already been made for them, and they’re not having any of it.” Yes they are talking about Mitt Romney. Sadly they all live inside the DC Beltway and the rest of the Nation does not.

Here is my advice to get this fight really going tell some of those not so likely Republican presidential hopefuls to back off and drop out! January is around the corner and we need to see some real politicking going on here!

Stop focusing on just getting Obama out of office…start focusing on finding an electable Republican candidate who is able to truly swim in a sea of dichotomy on one side or the other.

Maybe Herman Cain should come back?