I often find myself looking around the Internet for interesting things to share–the pulse of what’s happening. At one time my Klout score was qualified to mean that I share content others want to know about–they didn’t use those exact words, but I can’t recall what they were. The idea behind Social Networking was, at one time, an opportunity to keep folks connected and to “shrink the Globe” by bringing new folks together. But then something happened…a great shift–of sorts. Social Networking spawned Social Media, yes the route was still social, but people started using their social networks to push content that wasn’t always personal in nature: media.globe of social icons

Ok, I ramble…but what this all meant was that new careers were spawned because of Social Media and today folks are still using it to launch their careers as well as moving them forward. Are you savvy with using social media? Maybe you’re just so-so…well, here are 5 things Mashable says may demonstrate your ability and move your career forward–regardless of the industry.

1. You know your industry inside and out.
When you share an abundance of interesting information, people begin to realize you know your stuff.

Even if you don’t consider yourself highly knowledgeable on a certain topic — if, for example, you’re looking to change careers and are using your online presence to pivot — you’ll become knowledgeable on that topic as you sift through blogs and tweets looking for quality information to share.

2. You’re innovative.
Not only do you use the latest social tools to share advice and ideas, the information you share is often about your industry’s latest trends and developments, which suggests you’re forward thinking.

3. You enjoy helping others.
So many people talk about themselves on social media. You’ll stand out if you get off the soapbox and instead offer helpful, valuable information, giving props to whoever created it.

4. You’re familiar with the big (and little) players in your field.
Knowing who the thought-leaders are in your field and where they hang out is just as important — if not more — than being in-the-know about innovative developments. Why? Because those people likely are part of those developing trends, or at least talking about them. In many ways, they are the trends.

5. In some cases, you have access to those industry players.
Know what every employer wants more than an awesome, skilled employee? An awesome, skilled employee who knows people. Every one of your connections means a connection for your company.

If you’re keen to give this a go, you’re probably wondering: What’s the best way to find quality information to share with your growing online community?

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