i don’t get overly excited often…i mean when it comes to a good burrito or a really good drink–but that is often few and far between. however, when i do get excited its as if i set the world off its axis just enough to affect the gravitational pull of the oceans!

so, there i was minding my own business walking back from Mollie Stones with my favorite split pea soup with ham. head down, communication device in hand, and setting pace several steps back from the kids next door (my neighbors, not the show)…all of a sudden i stop because i was about to collide with a gentleman. i look up and notice the sun kissed skin, i pause and wonder where this guy has been and then on closer inspection i notice…its him! i mean its Sam Seaborn from West Wing, no its Senator McCallister from Brothers & Sisters, wow its Rob Lowe and i almost spilled my split pea soup on him!!

Rob Lowe

of course i promptly tweeted, facebooked and texted that i saw Rob Lowe in my neighborhood! well, my day was great…i was done…put a fork in me. i sort of glided home knowing that Lowe was only around the corner from my apartment and that i had been several feet away from him in all his ageless splendor. distracted by his presence i didn’t eat my soup…i was on a high.

i later went off to collect the laundry i had deposited at the laundry washing facility and while there i grabbed myself a cup of sweet & spicy chi–its a wonderful blend if you can try. as i sat there chatting it up with a friend Rob Lowe once again crossed my path…twice in one day this just couldn’t be true!!!