NBC is taking a gamble launching a new evening news commentary talk show. Hosted by sage anchorperson Brian Williams I believe they are hoping to inspire a generation of viewers to “stay tuned”. “Rock Center” will air on Mondays in the 10pm time slot and it aims to take the news a little further with poignant topics, relevant guests and light banter.

I have to give it to Brian for tonight’s premier show…he brought his dry humor, his awkward charm and his crooked smile to the set and made it work. Fast, direct, probing, topical…the only place where it seemed to falter was the disconnected banter between Williams and special guest Jon Stewart. I believe the men were trying to be funny and engaging and the exchange just came across as pandering.

Piers Morgan

For a hasty premier I think they pulled something solid out of the bag…let’s hope they find their footing before next Monday’s show–other critics weren’t as kind. All I have to say is at least they didn’t have a chance to hype it up like the Piers Morgan show and then fall way below expectation.