In a world of Chiefs defining a role seems critically important…but what if a chief’s role isn’t encompassed by its title?

Chief Marketing Officers of this new era are multifaceted creatures who operate on a multi-dimensional axis of understanding so as to best direct the marketing outcomes of an organization.

Dean Crutchfield said it best in a contributing article to Forbes “The CMO role has evolved significantly. No longer is it just about marketing; now more than ever the role requires being myopic about the consumer, fanatical about innovation and a leader in the C-suite. The credentials of a great CMO have similarly evolved: Top CMOs perform a balancing act of being a visionary leader in times of complexity and uncertainty, tend to the creative while prioritizing the data, and establish innovation platforms while pursuing real-time flexibility.”

In essence is Crutchfield not saying that the traditional CMO no longer exist?

“This revolution has opened unconventional paths to the CMO role. As a result, companies are hiring CMOs with more diverse sets of credentials, skills, and experiences.

If you’re wondering what it will take to lead marketing into the future, keep your eyes peeled for professionals who fit into these five personas:”

1. The data scientist
2. The entrepreneur
3. The social media whiz
4. The investigative researcher
5. The customer experience professional

“The common thread across all of these unconventional paths to the CMO title is the need to truly understand your audience and what motivates them — not just to buy your product, but what motivates them in their lives. From there you can create a content marketing strategy that engages people on a personal level and helps them solve problems. Today’s most successful CMOs are already doing this. What will tomorrow’s CMO be capable of?”

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