i was excited on friday when i went into my local starbucks and saw that the pumpkin spiced latte had returned! only does it present its charming spiced perfumed body during the fall months…along with its ever so tasty cousin the pumpkin scone. foolishly that friday i didnt pay attention to the drink of the day board until after i had already placed my grande white mocha with whip and a shot of vanilla order, so i was unable to get my pumpkin latte. i planned to return!

i woke up sunday morning in the strangest of hazes…likely because i had taken two tylenol PM the night before hoping that i would sleep through the night and not worry about the increasing pains in my legs. you know they say you need a full 50,000 hours of sleep after taking those things…well damn they are not joking! i fought myself to get out of bed because i had to take the dog out and because i was really wanting to get my pumpkin spiced latte before 12pm…it would seem unfitting to get it after that time. when i finally was able to get myself out of bed there was a slight giddiness about my step. the excitement was overwhelming…so much so that i left my apartment in my lime great pool ball studded sleeping pants and a gray hooded sweatshirt…i mean yes i was only walking the dog down the side street…but anyone could have seen me! sofya did her stuff quickly and i returned to the apartment.

back in the apartment i threw on a pair of jeans–the ones i had on the day before–a hat, and some shoes…before i knew it my feet were on their way to starbucks…i tried to keep up. the pumpkin just seemed to call my name and it took everything in me to keep from transitioning from a fast walk to an all out sprint. while yes i was born in jamaica, i am no Usain Bolt and i wouldnt want to embarrass myself or my former country.

when i arrived at the starbucks i think everyone could see the excitement on my face. it was much like a 5 year old who had yet to find out santa was not real. there i was knowing the latte would be waiting for me and that it knew exactly why i was there–similar to santa? i almost choked on my words as the barista/cashier asked me for my drink order… i shouted–it seemed–grande pumpkin spiced latte and a pumpkin scone…please (there was a sense of longing and urgency behind my utterance of please). there were two orders in front of me and my wait seemed like it was going to be FOREVER. i leaned against the wall and took in the wonderful portuguese music in the background, noticed the hot boy who was standing behind me, and twitched in anticipation of the taste of my latte.

“would you like whip cream?” i was in a daze and didnt realize the barista was speaking to me… “oh, me…yes, yes please.” the barista took out that funny shaped thing you expect to see in a doctor’s office or an s & m porn film and placed a wonderful helping of sweet white heaven on my pumpkin spiced latte…before i knew it we (my latte, scone and i) were bounding out the door and on the way home.

pressed against my lips the plastic top almost seemed to be fighting with me and not wanting to let go of my beverage…it was being evil. i tipped my hand up more and my head back a little further… the first rain! the drops fell upon my lips and slowly rolled into my mouth hitting every taste bud, sweet and sour, on its way to my throat and beyond. it was heaven–it is heaven.

little can be said for the commonalities in life other than they are things we take for granted and sometimes come to demand. but grand things can be written about the things we experience ever so infrequently like real love, genuine happiness, and the pumpkin spice latte. we should, however, be glad for everything we get/have from the common things like shoes on our feet, our personal freedoms to the grand things we sometimes get like a consistent paycheck and HBO.