Vivian Ward is a hooker with a heart of gold–what was she escaping that she became a hooker?

Each trick for Vivian becomes an escape.

Edward Lewis offers Vivian escape from the routine trick.

Edward tells Vivian he wants to see her again and offers to supply her with an apartment, a car, and as much money as she needs. Vivian refuses and says she wants the whole thing–commitment, or nothing at all. She describes a fantasy from her childhood–rescue from a tower by a knight on a white horse–and tells him she wants “the fairy tale”. Edward says he cannot offer that. Before he leaves he says, “I’ve never treated you like a prostitute.” After he’s gone, she whispers to herself, “You just did.” Vivian leaves, but first says good-bye to Barnard and thanks him for his kindness.

Although nervous, Edward conquers his fear of heights and climbs the fire escape to Vivian’s apartment. Vivian meets him on the landing, and he asks what happens in her fantasy after the knight on the white horse rescues her. “She rescues him right back”, says Vivian, and they kiss warmly. They live happily ever after, in modern day terms.

Does Vivian ever escape her past? The reality of who she was? No, she learns her lessons, embraces them and moves on…she doesn’t re-live them.

–Densil P., LLC