Political gridlock? Put a Millennial in charge!

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By 2015 Millennials will overtake Boomers by nearly 10 million in representation. By 2015 more Millennials will be in the workforce and Boomers will be on the way to retirement–if some balance comes back to our economy. Well, why wait four years for the inevitable to happen…maybe it’s time to place Millennials in roles of power and influence in government and big business–maybe if this happened the gridlock and missteps occurring, across countries, would slow or even stop.

In a recent post on CNN, End political gridlock: Put a Millennial in charge, Laura Sessions Stepp explored who does the real work on Capitol Hill and what would happen if they were actually in charge–her piece was slightly tongue in cheek. However tongue in cheek the piece Sessions Stepp highlights the ability for the Millennial generation to find middle ground and discuss issues. Maybe it’s their “progressive politics?”

Maybe soon Millennials will be composing a song like BeyoncĂ© denoting who runs the world…

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