I woke up a little under two years ago, looked in the mirror and realized my best friend was 30–by happenstance this also meant I was the same age…but it is much better since she is several months older than me..I digress. But really I mean 30 it was here and there was little I, or she, could do about it.

The difference between my best friend and me was that she turned 30 in a city that was not San Francisco! There really is this strange world here in the Bay Area. “Being 30-something in San Francisco means a lot – and it does come with tons of perks – but what it doesn’t mean is that you always feel … adjusted” says blogger Justin Juul.

“Now, maybe that’s not how it goes for people who stayed back home, finished college at 22, got married, had babies, and bought a house in the ’burbs (yeah, I see y’all on Facebook), but that’s certainly what happens when you come of age in San Francisco, “the city where twenty-somethings go to retire,” where nobody works, and where you can drink in parks every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon for years before wondering if it’s normal.”

I can remember turning 30 and looking around at my friends and realizing that 1 in 10 had “big boy jobs” and 10 in 10 partied like they didn’t. With time things changed–slightly–for me and now 8 in 10 party like the don’t have big boy jobs and still 1 in 10 don’t have big boy jobs.

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