Our party of seven sat in a dark room with oak lined walls, where wine glasses rested on a solid oak table, our meals of steak and seafood seemed only to accent the decadence and opulence of the space. Our banter went from talks of iPhones and varietals to poverty and social welfare.

Our ability to speak on a thing is sometimes directly related to our ability to afford a thing. We spoke of our desire to bring healthier foods to the tables of the common citizen. What would we need to do to change how people eat and the food they are offered? It was in this conversation I had to remind my follow friends of the bourgeoisie that we are able to adjust our diets and eat organic foods and such because we can afford to do so. While we would love to have everyone eat humanely and healthily the reality is that not everyone can afford to do so.

“Well I enact change through voting and letting my voice be heard.”

Wonderful. Kudos. Your actions are meant to inspire our leaders to enact change for the betterment of humanity. But what happens when a law is passed requiring fast food suppliers to use free range chicken and organic locally grown produce? The prices of those meals which at one time could feed a family of four with less than 20 dollars now cost 50 dollars and no one can eat. Quickly our economy is thrown in to a state of turmoil. Our large corporations begin to falter; our government sees an increase in criminal activity as legislatures are paid to stand up against humane legislation, our poverty stricken plummet more into poverty and despair and our stratification of the haves and the have nots expands tenfold.

“Find citizens at the poverty level and encourage them to do the jobs illegal immigrants currently maintain so as to ensure our citizens are working.”

What a wonderful idea. However, how are we to ensure these folks are being paid minimum wage? Wouldn’t paying minimum wage increase stress on the companies for which they work and then wouldn’t companies have to increase sales cost of items to ensure their ability to keep their operations running? Wouldn’t increased cost of produce then affect the cost of fast food items and other such things and then once again that 20 dollar meal that could feed for now cost 50 dollars?

Really I have no answer. I have no solution. I believe it will take a systemic change in our societal thinking and actions to really make any change. It will take an infusion of money far beyond our capcities to really shift things. Or it will take a shuffling of money, a rethinking of pay scales, an analysis of cost and “prayer” to really see any change. What I do know is that change will take a long time before we see the fruit which it bares.