so i was flying from San Francisco to Columbus (ohio)…dont ask why that is not part of the story… ok so i am sitting in my seat and rudely awaken by some screaming child (i love them…well, sometimes) and beacuse i was unable to fall back deep in to slumber i watched the ill selected movie for west to east travel on united airlines “He’s Just Not That In To You“. Well, I must say that by the end of the movie I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate it was…but what i loved the most was the gay gaze scene -aka- gay signals.

oh, but before i go any further…myspace is not the new booty call!

so any way let’s talk about the gay gaze. i mean this scene in the movie was kinda dead on with the way it relates to differences between gays and straights. if you havent scene the scene here it is:

well let me just say that we as non-straight folks need to be a little more clear. sorry i am a gay who sometimes gets his signals crossed. there are times i stare too long because its just so ugly…so tragic…i mean kinda like a train wreck and there are times when i turn away too quickly because i am like ‘oops is that is boyfriend’ or his really dyke friend who looks like a boy.

anyway if you havent seen this movie i think its a good watch for many and may help us all out in the dating world… ok maybe not, but it will give us a good laugh.