What would you do if your personal worth was netted at over a billionaire dollars? You would think that by that point in your life you would have owned several cars, a number of homes…maybe even a private jet–oh and lots of useless junk!

Well, back in October 2012 I read an article about billionaire ($2.3B net worth as of 9/2012) Nicoles Berggruen. Berggruen has been called “the homeless billionaire” for some time now–he gave up his 31st floor apartment at Pierre Hotel in Manhattan and his Art Deco house on a private island near Miami. So, technically from that point on he was homeless. What an ideal concept!

Why be tied down to places and things when you are wealthy enough to move about with little and stay anywhere you want to for as long as you need?

Nicholas BerggruenBerggruen now keeps “what little he owns in storage and travels light, carrying just his iPhone, a few pairs of jeans, a fancy suit or two, and some white monogrammed shirts he wears until they are threadbare. At 51, the diminutive Berggruen is weathered, but still youthful, with unkempt brown hair and stubble. There‚Äôs something else he hung on to: his Gulfstream IV. It takes him to cities where he stays in five-star hotels” reads the October 02 Bloomberg BusinessWeek article found on Yahoo! Finance.

So, if you were a billionaire would you give up your “stuff” to live freely and unchained?