“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

–Roman Philosopher Seneca

Life has a funny way of bringing you back to you where you started…ever noticed? You try to move forward, to work on getting to a different place and somehow we generally find that we end–or at some point–return to a place where we were once before. The reality of the situation is that often times you have to leave to discover yourself and return to get what you want–is that not the archetypical epic journey?

One of my journeys–because in life there are many–ended and started when I left Ohio in 2006 to define my purpose, to understand my career and to some how find myself. I knew after a year that my move was right.

I experienced a wonderful life in Northern California. In the San Francisco bay area I was pushed professionally, was enlivened by a richness of friends beyond my belief, engaged in experiences one reads of in novels and sees in movies and I loved–again.

My decision to leave the San Francisco bay area was not an easy one. It was wrought with emotion and logic–and we know the two seem unable to coexist in a happy harmonious nexus. But it was right, it was right for me…it was a decision made, however, for us–maybe. The thing about decisions when you are in a relationship is that you either move forward together or move forward and drag the other along.

Well here I sit, back in Columbus, Ohio a place I left six years ago only to return.

I wonder to myself if it is a tale of the prodigal son returning or the epic journey manifest? Can the tale be two archetypes in one? One for those who observe it and another for the one experiencing it?

When I was in Ohio the first time it was a new beginning for me…an educational journey which morphed into a personal and professional journey. And as journeys go that one came to an end as I set out on a new journey. That beginning came to an end as a new beginning started and it wasn’t until this new beginning, my return to Ohio, when I fully understood Seneca.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Here’s to new beginnings.