I have a tendancy to write about my mother on two ocassions during the year: my birthday and mother’s day.

It is at those points during the year that I generally find myself missing her the most. Wondering what life would be like if she were here. How different would things be…if at all–I am sure they would be different.

She died in April of 1995 only days before her birthday.

At the age of 14 I was angry. I was angry because my mother was gone and no one would love me the way she loved me. I was angry because so much of my life was still unexplored and no longer would she be there to explore it with me.

It took me sometime to go from a place of anger to a place where I understood that in life things happen and sometimes we can’t explain them…but we can learn and move on from all experiences and in the end things go as they should. My mother’s death set my life on a path which I could have never foreseen at the age of 14.

Since her death I have had such great female influences in my life and the figure of the matriarch was not wanting.

The women I thank for building on the foundation which my mother set are amazing people who gave of their time and their hearts to help me become the person I am today and the person I am yet to become. I wake up daily thankful for these women, for their honest words, for their warm hearts, their tender hugs and their caring tones.

I am thankful for my many mothers.