This is my 3rd post dealing with Millennials… Now some might consider that a trend…I consider it…well I just think it is interesting.

Some might consider me a Millennial and I am ok with that…

So then, let us consider the real impact Millennials can have, do have, on politics in the United States of America. By 2015 Millennials will overtake Boomers by nearly 10 million in representation–so it seems that now and during the next four years everyone should really focus on how to penetrate the minds of this cohort.

Research from UCLA in 2011 showed that 27.6% of surveyed incoming freshmen described themselves as liberal, 20.7% described themselves as conservative, and a full 47.4% identified themselves as ‘middle of the road.’

But we know much like students change their majors…they change their minds–and so this is a critical opportunity for politicians to really shape these perspectives.