when i moved to san francisco i left behind a group of friends in ohio that i know i can never replace; but i am glad that i have made friends here with whom i am close–some closer to than others. living in a new place can be a huge challenge and an even greater challenge is finding a friend group to make your new home less frightening. i enjoy my new friends, i enjoy spending time with them, i enjoy sharing the ups and downs of my days with them and so when i get invited to dinner i seldom pass up the chance.

my dear friend invited some friends over for a nice dinner last sunday and boy had i been looking forward to it all week. i arrived at his apartment a little earlier than the rest of the group…bringing extra plates and my vacuum… i realized, when i arrived, that while i was looking forward to the meal what i was really ready for was the company of friends–outside of a bar. well, before the gang got there my friend and i caught up on the week’s happenings over a bottle of wine.

so, it was sunday, i was waiting to meet the gang, eat a great meat meal, and oh yes enjoy the copious bottles of wine that our friends were bringing over. the meal was great, the company was awesome and well the wine…duh it was good too.

ok, so how would carrie bradshaw wrap this up: the relationship between friends may be the largest roller coaster ride in the world and sometimes we meet new friends and get on new roller coasters. whether you enjoy roller coaster rides or fear each and ever turn, at the end you know you can grab a coney island hot dog, and a beer, on the boardwalk. friends, like roller coasters, may come and go but the coney island hot dog, and beer, will be there forever–for the new friends or roller coaster.