For the last few days I have wanted to create this simple little post about Obama testing a potential 2012 campaign slogan: “We Do Big Things”–notably it showed up first in the State of the Union Address. Now, I am not political strategist with great amounts of experience marketing political campaigns, but something tells me this may not be a strong message. No, no don’t get me wrong “We Do Big Things” is a good message…but it can truly be misrepresented by folks on all sides of the political vortex.

CNN did a quick review, seen below, called “Mr. President vs. Mr. Candidate” where they highlighted the President’s current state of running for Office in 2012 and they noted some of the pitfalls which may be married to using this slogan: big government, big spending, big promises… So, I say proceed with caution campaign manager and strategist working on the President’s reelection campaign.

I do have a thought for a slogan though: “We Mean What We Say”

Now, think about it for a moment is the President not deliberate with his words? Are there not speech writers and strategist who sit around with the President and “craft message”? Does this not imply that unlike others when “we” speak we do mean what we say regardless of whether or not what we say becomes reality?

Here is an example that I believe in and I believe the President has meant what he says when he has spoken about Education Reform. “President Obama is committed to ensuring that America will regain its lost ground and have the highest proportion of students graduating from college in the world by 2020.” When the “We Mean What We Say” slogan is applied to this idea it supports the President’s desire to educate America…now if it doesn’t happen by 2020 no one can say he didn’t mean it—well I suppose they can if they so desire. However, when he first said it he meant it and it affirms that he will try to do what it takes to make it happen. In essence one can ask if you don’t believe what he says are you questioning the President.

I am sure the President and his team will find appropriate messaging to support his yet unannounced reelection campaign. But if they need a little assistance and are not too proud to take a suggestion from me then consider “We Mean What We Say” because I mean what I said.

And kudos to the drilling team from Berlin, Pennsylvania who helped rescue the Chilean Miners and a special thank you to one of the employees of that drilling company who spawned the idea for “We Do Big Things”—since there was no name mentioned I am sure this employee won’t be the next “Joe the Plumber”. However, this employee stands to know that his words will be impressed in our American history forever.