[some words from a personal statement on which i have been working]

Twelve hours, fifteen minutes, twenty four seconds and counting until I would leave my Georgia home of the last three years, four months, ten days, twelve hours, sixteen minutes, ten seconds and counting. Where would I be going and why would I be going there?

There I sat in my upstairs bedroom with a wonderful view of my family’s large back yard which contained our very own rainforest, raging river, and forest reserve. OK, it wasn’t really a raging river, but when the weather man brought a warm summer rain with his morning forecast the runoff water from our neighbor’s land would flow down a red clay hill creating a cascading stream which became our very own raging river. I sat in my room contemplating my life post graduation from that small college, in that quaint village, where the sagacious learner passed knowledge on to the future creators of contemporary thought. Sure, I was thinking way ahead of where I was, but I wanted to be sure that I had some idea of where I wanted to go once I learned everything about the world from my life instructors on the Hill.

College. Kenyon College. Kenyon College, in Gambier, Ohio zip code 43022. I was leaving in a few short hours to attend a college in a location that, at the time, I would have compared to the size of an ant sitting in the hand of the Creator. Years later I now see Gambier as large as the Earth, however just like the ant I still see it sitting in the hand of the Creator. I always say that Gambier and Kenyon chose me, these were not places I had ever envisioned myself. It wasn’t solely because Gambier was a very rural village in central Ohio over 600 miles away from any family that I knew, it was mostly because college was not something I had always aspired to attend.