I grew up watching the television show 227–you know, back when sitcoms had catchy theme songs with words that people remembered and enjoyed singing? Random thought, I know…but as I was reading this Mashable article the second verse in 227‘s theme song popped into my head: “Time’s are changing everyday. We won’t get by with the same old ways.”

They knew it in 1985 and we know it today…

As a society we’ve been talking about changes to the educational landscape, the social-moral fabric of cultural beliefs and most impacting the morphing of our workforce as the boomer generation leaves the workplace.

Mashable writer James O’Brien notes that “A sizable shift is coming as millennials take their seats at businesses large and small, and Baby Boomers simultaneously either retire or modify their work styles to reflect increasingly flexible and mobile opportunities.

Here are the TOP 5 ways the workforce will change in the next 5 years:
1. Freelance employees will approach the 50% mark
2. Flex-work becomes a new normal
3. Career ‘impatience’ a driving factor
4. The new workforce works small
5. Gen X may have its day

Are companies prepared? Are you prepared?

These are five critical factors “that employers and employees need to heed in the coming 60 months [as] each deeply relate to one generation aging out of career-building efforts and another phasing into their own” says O’Brien. So, how does one prepare for such a monumental shift in workplace dynamics?

Change workplace culture to retain talent longer. Companies should be motivated to enable millennials to take over their own career paths within their employer’s system since voluntary turnover is very expensive.

Further arm your workforce with technology. Mobility trends will not be exclusive to staff who are able to do their work offsite.

Cultivate new leaders to forestall a leadership gap. As Boomers leave, or change roles, and Gen Xers fill what gaps their numbers allow, organizations must identify and grow leaders from the ranks they already enjoy.

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